STRONG LIKE BULL is a straight up Pure Rock n Roll band with roots in Western and Central Kansas. Influenced by rock from the 70s to now with an extra dose of bands like AC/DC, Jackyl, and Buckcherry, Strong Like Bull is delivering foot-stomping, fist-pumping rock that everyone knows and loves, and creating new fans at every show the band plays.

The band was founded in 2015 by guitarist-turned-vocalist, Dave Gray (Hays), who brings years of experience and a surprising vocal range that hits raspy, rough high notes from AC/DC and Jackyl and growling low notes when needed. The dual guitar attack brought by Nevin Truan (Gorham) and Brandon Luthi (Salina) gives the band two experienced lead and rhythm players that easily trade off guitar licks and fill out the sound. Shawn Normandin (Hays) on bass was formerly in GRYN and toured with his friends in Drowning Pool before moving back to Hays America. Shawn is so solid that the word solid doesn't begin to do him justice. Jake Bauer (Gorham) is a machine on drums and locks in the band’s groove with Shawn every time. Jake and Nevin fill out Strong Like Bull's backing vocals and the result is a high energy band playing Pure Rock n Roll that keeps getting asked back to play another show at every venue they visit. 

Currently, STRONG LIKE BULL is playing area shows and starting to write some original music. While you're visiting our site, check out some videos from live performances, look at our show schedule and contact us to book the band for your event.

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